Calling out to the Charles Xavier of Technology!

I’m a big fan of the X-Men series. I find it quite amusing as it brings together so many different elements to one platform and also because it is one of the first movie franchise that I remember having sequels-to-prequels.

I’m sure that when asked, most of the fans will say that their favourite character is Wolverine. I myself love Wolverine, but more so because of how Hugh Jackman has made the character to be. However, if actors are kept aside, I’d say that my favourite character would be Charles Xavier. I find his uncanny ability to be able to read and control minds to be very powerful. The other mutants can very well become his emissaries through whom he can get things done, although his good conscience plays a good part and he refrains from controlling his fellow colleagues. And that’s where I like Magneto sometimes ;)

Drawing parallels to the tech startup world, a hands-on technology hustler, who can see through problems, get others to solve problems that he himself cannot solve and to top it all, assume a leadership role that will drive all product development and innovation, is instrumental for a startup. That uncanny ability to read every detail, being able to control and deal with all outcomes, building a product that excels in robustness and user-friendliness, improvising at every step and, at the same time, building your A-team, are valuable traits that makes a Tech Geek a Tech Geek.

At our startup, we are looking for our very own Charles Xavier! If you think you are the Charles we are looking for, we would be happy to hear from you. Check out the profile and apply here.

Something on our ‘supernatural’ startup:

inloyal is a mobile wallet for managing all your loyalty cards, coupons and rewards under one roof. The idea is to have the customer engage and transact with his favourite retail brands at any time and place, and that too on a frequent basis. inloyal also has a SaaS platform where retail merchants can deploy their customized loyalty and reward programs right out of the box. So inloyal is an end-to-end technology solution for loyalty and reward programs, serving both retail merchants and their customers with a single platform.

Until next time, cheers!

Kunal Mehta

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