Loyalty. Coupons. Rewards. CRM. All in one.

Engagement | Retention

inloyal is a contemporarily designed and interactive CRM platform with an aim to boost customer engagement and retention for your brand. Whether you have an existing loyalty program or wish to start afresh, you can have it designed and implemented in no time with an interface directly on your customers’ mobile phones.

CRM in the ‘mobile app’ age

On this platform, we help your program go plastic-less but not card-less. Your cards are digital and reside in the customer’s mobile phones.

Initiate loyalty instantly

Turn your customers into loyal members right at the point of sale. Your staff can capture the customer’s data in a few seconds and send it automatically to the cloud to register the customer as loyal.


We shall enable a seamless flow of exchange of information through direct integration with your POS system. Alternatively, you can opt for inPOS, a tablet-based loyalty-specific POS system, valid across different categories including malls, for each of your storefront.


You can now have a mobile app interface on iOS and Android, which will help your brand transcend beyond conventional loyalty practices and take CRM to a whole new level.


Our intelligent rewards program engine will help you choose a rewarding strategy best suited to your brand’s positioning. We have created a technology platform, which is flexible enough to help you play your cards your way.


You can create targeted promotions and strategic campaigns to help maximize your revenues. Once the campaign is created, push a button to send out notifications or coupons to the selected audience instantly.


Pinpoint your customers’ geographical location and communicate with them depending on where they are. Create a geo-fence around your stores and push messages to the ones nearby your stores.


Now identify your customers’ location inside your store and push them contextual messages and/or coupons. For instance, send a `250 coupon on denims for customers who are browsing through the denim section.


Get access to an easy and convenient channel to let customers redeem rewards and maximize sales even further with your very own mobile shop. Good experiences will win you customers; delighted customers will win you their loyalty.


Social media has now become an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Have your customers connect with your social media avatars right on your loyalty app.


When you channelize customer behaviour information, you are in control of your business. Measure vital data statistics and consumer behaviour trends and use them to identify gaps and devise campaigns and strategies.


Let your salespersons on the floor get access to customer intelligence like preferences, general behaviour, trends and more to create a personalized shopping experience for your patrons.

Social Rewards

Establish social events and activities that you want your customers to participate in with your social entities and reward them for the same on their loyalty card. For instance, reward points for customer sharing your Facebook page, posting on your Twitter handle and so on.


Send coupons and messages to all or targeted set of customers via push notifications on the app.


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