1) What is inloyal?

‘inloyal’ is a mobile wallet, designed to help you carry and manage all your loyalty cards in one place. Think of it this way: take your physical wallet, remove all your loyalty cards and instead put them virtually in inloyal. Makes your wallet lighter and helps you engage better with your loyalty cards. inloyal is available on iOS and Android platforms for now.

2) Why inloyal?

How often do you see your thick wallet and think to yourself “What if I can get rid of all these cards?” inloyal is here to help solve a part of the problem: digitize all your loyalty cards. If you are part of mobile loyalty program(s), you may not have to carry plastic but at the same time, you have no information on your account handy with you, except when at the store.

inloyal helps you carry all your loyalty cards in one place, without adding the bulk to your wallet and helps you interact with your loyalty cards, anytime and anywhere. By adding your cards on inloyal, you not only carry them but also manage them to stay up to date with your accounts status: rewards points, offers, coupons, messages and more. To top it all, you can even redeem your rewards points on the phone itself by choosing your rewards and paying for them with your available reward points. inloyal helps you put the fun back in your loyalty card(s).

3) Why is mobile number necessary to register on inloyal and add cards?

Mobile Number has become an integral part of our lives, second only to our names. With mobile number being unique and identifiable, we ensure that the rightful person holding the membership is enjoying loyalty cards, rewards and offers. More so, we try and automatically add all the loyalty cards linked to your mobile number directly to your pocket.

4) I registered with my mobile number, but not all of my cards have been added.

This could be because the merchants, where you are a member, have still not given access to us to add your card automatically. You will have to add your card manually by tapping on ‘+’ or ‘Add to Pocket’.

5) How do I add cards to my inloyal pocket?

Once you are successfully registered with inloyal, you can tap on ‘+’ or ‘Add to Pocket’ to add your existing loyalty cards to your pocket. If you find an inloyal merchant that you wish to become a new member of, you can do so provided the merchant has allowed us to provide that facility.

6) Why can’t I see my reward points of cards added from ‘Other Merchants’?

The cards under Other Merchants have still not given us access to help you keep up to date with your reward points. While you are reading this, we are working hard on getting these merchants on board and letting you access more features that we have to offer. Please feel free to write to us at talk@inloyal.com for any queries on this. We’ll try our best to let your merchant know about your request.

7) Can I pool my points across different merchants?

No, inloyal is a mobile loyalty wallet for stand-alone loyalty programs and it is only for the convenience of customers that you can add multiple cards to your pocket. Once you go inside the inApp of a particular merchant, you can interact with that merchant exclusively.

8) What can I do with an added loyalty card in My Pocket?

When you add a loyalty card from inloyal Merchants, tap the card to use the merchant’s inApp to stay in complete control of your membership with the merchant.

Rewards – You can check your current points balance and its value, membership level, earn and spend rates and your latest transactions.

Shop – You can redeem your reward points by selecting appropriate rewards here and then buying them by paying with your points. It’s as seamless as shopping on an ecommerce platform.

Offers – Check out all the offers that your loyalty card has to offer you.

Coupons – Find out if the merchant has created special deal coupons for you.

Messages – The merchant will communicate you through push messages and this is where the communication will lie. Better than flooding your SMS inbox right?

Submit Bill – Valid only for Mall loyalty program customers, you can use this feature to click photos of your shopping bills and submit them to the mall with relevant details, all at your convenience. Your reward points will be credited automatically.

Transactions – Keep a track of all your transactions with the retail merchant.

Profile – Keep your profile information updated with your latest details.

Other – Store Locator, Facebook, Twitter, Contact, Feedback are all different tools for you to engage and interact with your loyalty card brand.