Vote for a Better India

People of Maharashtra and Haryana get a chance to elect their representatives, barely six month after the General Election, into Legislative Assembly. Unlike the General Elections, in which Bharatiya Janata Party led by Mr. Narendra Modi formed the government, election to Legislative Assembly isn’t fought as enthusiastically as the former. National issues take a back seat giving way to local issues like education, healthcare, power and industry. Devolution of power, as envisaged by the makers of Constitution of India, through Legislative Assemblies and Local Self Governments are considered to be playing a vital role in empowering the citizens.

This time, there are no clear frontrunners in Maharashtra or Haryana. Contests are multi-cornered in both states and hence, predicting a winner will be an exercise in futility. More than half a dozen leaders in both the states aspire or dream of being sworn in as the next Chief Minister in their respective states. They are busy working on permutations and combinations to make the results on 19 October, 2014 on their side, irrespective of the outcome.

As a responsible citizen, every voter must exercise his/her right judiciously, beyond the narrow confines of community, language and gender. A man/woman loyal to India and its constitution must be your representative in the Legislative Assembly, not those who are loyal to money, community or both. Years of indifference and ignorance by voters have weakened our democracy. We must own the responsibility of electing people who indulge in wanton corruption and violence once in power. It’s high time we stand up to for a better India.

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