Holi: The Best Time to Shop

Holi, a festival synonymous with colour, is at our doorstep. Like many other Hindu festivals, Holy too is a celebration of victory of the good over the evil. The occasion greets the bloom of spring as the harsh winter slowly retreats for a fiercer comeback. Many legends are attributed to the origin of Holi but the celebration of Holi in modern times is an alluring concoction of many of those legends in magical proportions.

Many shoppers wouldn’t second the fact that Holi is the most ideal time to make you happy with clothes, gifts and mementos. Parents are worried about their children’s scores and kids with their parents. Executives must be scrambling in their cubicles to save their faces before they step into the new financial year and businessmen/women consumed by incessant paperwork to survive the set of draconian laws our government is notorious for. With people having no time to stand and stare, let alone to shop, even online shopping for that matter, business runs cold till the summer holidays for the kids commence. Shoppers are guaranteed the lowest prices and extra points. You may not be bowled over by the variety of the collection and rue about the state of affairs in our nation but will not be felt let down once you leave the shop with your likeable merchandise.

Isn’t it sounding like a clarion call to empty your wallet to appease your ego? We hope not! It’s just a gentle prod to bag the best deals of the year before they are over. If you don’t you miss the once-in-an-year opportunity to shop till you drop and yet save it for a rainy day moment.

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