Ganesh Festival

The year-long wait will soon be over. Little, cute and adorable, highly intelligent too, Little Ganesh will visit your home and bestow blessings to you and your home in a week’s time. He will help you to go past the obstacles life has put on your journey to happiness and salvation. The 10-days long celebration culminates with immersion of the Ganesh Statue in the vast expanse of sea. Another long and ardour wait for the next year’s Ganesh Festival begins then.

It is quite baffling as to why Lord Ganesh is loved and adored universally. Is it his innocence, childish enthusiasm or elephant-head that appeals to devotees? It’s a Hindu deity with whom kids easily connect with. Presumably, kids see their reflection of their mind and body in Lord Ganesh. Above all, Lord Ganesh moved around atop a mouse when he could have gone with any member in the animal kingdom. Most notably, he remains grounded in spite of being the embodiment of universal knowledge.

Lord Ganesh’s annual homecoming calls for revelry and fun and no celebration in India is deemed complete without the customary shopping. People exchange gifts and wishes and celebrate the occasion through the 10 days with a lot of fervour. The people of Maharashtra are more loyal to this festival comparing to any other states of India. They believe loyalty towards the elephant God will bring them every wealth and prosperity throughout the year. The enthusiasm reaches crescendo and ends with bidding adieu to their favourite deity on the final day with moist eyes.


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