Diwali – an Occasion to Celebrate

The festival of lights has arrived. The most anticipated festival to Indians is characterized by unmatched fun, revelry and merriment spanning across a week. No other festival or occasion captures the imaginations of millions of Indians as vibrantly as Diwali. It is a pan-India festival though the intensity of revelry may vary geographically.

Many legends about Diwali are making rounds. One popular myth is that Diwali marks the homecoming of Ram, Sita and Laxman after 14 years in exile. Another legend says that it was on this day, Pandavas returned from years of Vanvas (Exile in Forest) and Agyatvas (Exile in Disguise). Diwali is also observed by paying obeisance to Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Capital Market industry in India holds a special trading session on Diwali as a tribute to Goddess Lakshmi.

Diwali is an occasion to splurge on indulgences. It’s the only time the rich and the poor, the miser and the spendthrift and the pious and the wicked loosen their wallet to see their near and dear ones smiling. Homes are adorned with lamps, a visual spectacle unto itself, to be bestowed with the blessings of celestial powers. The celebration reaches its zenith when fireworks start at the middle of the night.

Diwali is the best time to shop too. Brands and shops compete among themselves, promising mouth-watering offers, to attract the discerning shoppers. Sales during Diwali season makes not just traders’ day but a year. But, a few old timers aren’t happy with the things. They lament that adoption of unabashed consumerism has robbed Diwali celebrations of its innocence and piety.

May this Diwali be an occasion to reflect upon our past and make amends for a brighter future, if needed, but not at the cost of fun. We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

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