Consumerism and Brand Loyalty

‘Consumerism’ is the necessary and sufficient condition of ‘brand loyalty’ to thrive. The marketing strategy of brand loyalty has been in vogue for some years and with the advancement of technology, it is simpler, convenient and reliable process now. The card which contains every bit of information about his/her shopping preferences and spending patterns is slowly giving way to technologically advanced applications which are compatible with smart phones and tablets. The transition of ‘brand loyalty’ from rear pockets to the deep-front ones has been a bloodless affair so far.

Marketing campaigns hinged on ‘brand loyalty’ has taken various forms over the years and will take a different shape and form in the years ahead. Compulsive shoppers form the target audience of this campaign. Frugality and stinginess have no place in this order of spendthrifts who derive pleasure from spending on things, wanted as well as unwanted. The success of a marketing campaign built around brand loyalty can easily be gauged by the extent of the spread of consumerism in the target group. Here, the pertinent question is whether campaign was successful in bringing new faces into the game that were, otherwise, reluctant to relate with mindless spending.

The perils of ‘brand loyalty’ programs are same as the perils of consumerism too. A society which spends more than it earns ostensibly to promote their upwardly mobile status and ‘cool quotient’ is a recipe for disaster. We have seen as to what had happened with financial powerhouses of the western hemisphere in 2008 and we don’t want a repeat of that here. It’s even more perilous to the market if the society doesn’t spend enough. More spending creates more employment opportunities which convert too many millions of happy souls. We can’t afford to be either parsimonious or extravagant with our spending. The line between these two extremes is as thin as the one between exploit and squander of natural resources. Those who master the art of drawing this line attain nirvana – not just financially but spiritual too.

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