A Tale on Brand Loyalty

It is the best of times, for technology helps to carry each of your utilities and indulgences to wherever you go. It is the worst of times for income is consistently failing to catch up with rising expenditure. Such times call for smart and judicious expenditure of monetary resources. But, it is easier said than done, without compromising on lifestyle. Loyalty programs have a lot of significance, especially in this context. It does no harm to the two stakeholders – customer and seller. It helps the consumer to clinch a lucrative deal from the seller while the latter increases the profit by selling more. For a seller, retention of customers is very critical to survive in a fiercely competitive marketplace and the best way to do it, is introducing the buyers to loyalty programs. The consumer is happy for he/she is rewarded for being loyal to a brand while regular buyers boost the profit of the seller.

Modern retail firms introduced Indians to loyalty programs. Nowadays, every retailer has a loyalty program to flash on. Loyalty Cards containing information on that customer’s shopping history is gifted at the first meeting at the payment counter and the buyer starts earning points thereupon. The points are accumulated till we redeem it through a purchase or any other service. Card-based loyalty programs needs a reasonable shopper with multitude of cards. Meanwhile, a shopper is inconvenienced if he/she forgets to carry the card at the time of billing.

In the world of remote financial transactions, it is imperative that new technologies will take over the mantle from cards. Retail industry is slowly migrating to technologically advanced platforms to reach the consumers more. This is where an application developed by Forysta Ventures, ‘inloyal,’ adds value to the process. Such technologically advanced apps have added a new dimension to the sub-industry of loyalty marketing. This digital loyalty card is compatible with Android and iOS platforms and simplifies the process of redemption. The app boasts of other user-friendly features information on latest offers and payment gateway to service your bills. The app is found to be doing extremely well in customer relationship management too.

A few malls in Mumbai and a leading Italian clothing company have already migrated to the app, ‘inloyal’ and it is being used by thousands of shoppers. It is your turn now!

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