A Celebration of Love

The season of love is here now. There are countless legends doing the rounds, attributed to authentic as well as disputed historic sources, about Saint Valentine, who chose to die to help the cause of love in a world where virtuous are perennially butchered by sinners for spreading the message of love, than give into the whims of a cruel king. We must be worried that we had to designate a day in the calendar to spread love, which otherwise should have been the norm of the day.

Love transcends age, religions and national and international boundaries. It’s a magic potion like the mythical amrita which can grant you immortality in the heaven of collective human conscience. Love must be celebrated and hence the lover’s day. It’s the motherly and fatherly love in childhood that makes a man or woman out of you. It’s the love of your beloved you crave for in the summit of youth. It’s the love for your kids that drives you in the monotony of adulthood and it’s lost forever at death.

In a globalised world, only love can speak every language. True, in this world which tends to commercialise relationships and emotions, love is a hijacked commodity. Love is misunderstood with lust. We must remind ourselves that true love happens when two souls merge themselves and sexuality is just a miniscule part of this noble being.

True love in its purest form is the best weapon to win hearts. But, the emperors and kings who preceded us lacked the intellect to understand this truth. They exhorted their followers to hate and kill their brothers and sisters. The messengers of hate, clad in the robes of culture, nationalism and morality, are roaming around threatening men and women who may dare to defy their diktats and chose to stand up for love.

It’s a pity that people who died in the name of gods and nations are now hailed as martyrs. Don’t forget true martyrdom belongs to those who embraced death to preach love. There are moments when love matters more than loyalty. Love must precede loyalty and the latter must be a by-product of the former.

Ideally, love and loyalty must complement themselves and come as a package. Love has to be like an exquisite stone studded on an imperious ornament called loyalty and glitters till end of the world. A befitting valentine gift to your love is love itself. If you want an icing on the cake, to blend love and loyalty in a magical proportion, visit salenoffers.com to know about the best deals in town and sign up as a member of inloyal, the premier loyalty app, to avail limitless benefits. Go for that special gift which will make love of your life ecstatic and transport to the heaven of your mind. ‘Shop till you drop’ is a passé and ‘Shop smart’ is ‘talk of the town.’ Shopping Smart is easier with salenoffers.com and inloyal app.

Long Live Love!

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