About Us

Now that we are firmly rooted in the area of alliances, loyalty programs and mCoupons (www.SalenOffers.com), we have decided to extend our services by deeply integrating our expertise with a robust technology platform. The result: inloyal, a Forysta Ventures initiative.

Loyalty programs have always been utilized by retail brands to make it more and more appealing for their customers to shop with them, leading to increased revenues through repeat purchases from the same set of customers. However, designing the right kind of loyalty strategy and program along with the technology platform to support it becomes extremely critical for the success of any loyalty program. Remember, customers will not come running after you for your rewards. They will come running to you for the experience you provide them along with the rewards. The better the experience, the more effective will be the loyalty strategy in ensuring customer retention and delight.

inloyal is ‘the’ digital loyalty pocket for retail customers and plug-and-play loyalty rewards management platform for retailers. Via inloyal, your brand can have its own loyalty program created, integrated with your storefronts and hosted on cloud in no time. Whether you have an existing program or wish to create a new one, all your existing data shall be accounted for and your program will wake up to an updated start, ready to emerge as a much stronger and advanced tool for your brand and customers.

Forysta Ventures Limited launched its flagship division, SalenOffers.com, in 2009 and since then, SalenOffers has designed, built and executed customer delight programs for companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Hindustan Times, MasterCard, Idea Cellular and more. These were backed by SalenOffers’ robust mCoupon technology platform where unique coupons could be pulled and pushed to targeted audiences.

With inloyal, Forysta is taking a couple of steps forward.